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imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

Poem to my Knight

the hailstones were falling like dragons
attacking the windows of the North Tower
it was a New Moon, the beginning of a golden era,
the end of a long shift

his arm stretched, brought the sun from the dungeon
tied one of its rays, gently to my little finger
and nailed it to the sky with a swift move
the clouds collapsed like a pack of cards
(Queen of spades fell to pieces, like it never existed)
and then he held my hand, his sword and shield
leaning peacefully against the rest of my world

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity

'post-me' poem

(experimental poem)

'post-me' poem
poems with you start like the breeze on wild shores
there's salt in each verse and their words taste
like lips smeared in chocolate
before breakfast

poems without you are houses
ripped off at night by thieves
they are the empty souls untouched
by God
tombstones forgotten in winter

some poems are poor and some
are rich
some open the door some close it
some are bonnie and clyde
some jane and john doe
and some don't even rhyme

imaginea utilizatorului Cristina Moldoveanu

rupestră/ rupestrian

traducere proprie


viaţa mea sfârşeşte aici / într-o seară de duminică
după ce crucea şi globul de pe catapeteasmă s-au răcit
niciodată nu am simţit mai multă nedurere neiubire neteamă
e asfaltul gol şi sec pentru tălpile mele/ cutia de rezonanţă nu mai are ecou
păşesc asimetric/ am sufletul otova/ nu am nimic mai bun de făcut

imaginea utilizatorului Trinity


Motto: "There's a little girl's voice that sings lullabies in my guest room closet but don't mind her; she died years ago. Here's your blanket"

the night squeezes moon juice into my dreams
and I lemon my way through thick syrupy words
going round and round above, in my head
like a dotto train
ding ding ding!!
(Luna-land here, everyone off!!)

fantasies of the weak
begging like potato chips in a bag to be crunched
at least once
in a commercial with a second hand banner and no pride


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